#Giveaway!! 3 Winners! Check it Out!

Hiya peeps!! I’m super excited to share a #giveaway I’m having for the next few weeks! 3 winners will get an eCopy of any 6 of my published books! Keep reading for info on how to enter!

Okay, so this is not just a random giveaway – there is a purpose! I’m re-publishing all 6 of my books, because as I’ve learned more about publishing, I’ve found some issues with all of them. I want them to be squeaky clean and fresh, so that’s one part of it. The other reason I’m republishing, is Barnes & Noble has finally updated their publishing process/site, and it’s so much better!! I can actually get it to work now, so I will be officially listing all my books on Barnes & Noble, finally!!

All 6 will be re-released August 2nd – whoot!!

So, I’ve set up a giveaway via Rafflecopter, and there will be 3 winners! Each winner will get to pick any one of my books to receive a free eCopy, in either Kindle or Nook edition! To enter, you simply complete the items on the Rafflecopter form – the more you do, the more entries you get!

It’ll run from today, through 11:59 August 5th, so there’s plenty of time to wrack up a bunch of entries!

Please help me share this exciting update, and share this post! I’d love to have some great winners for this! =D

Thank you guys so much! I’m super excited to see who wins! =D

Love you bunches!


How is it July?! O.O

Hiya guys and dolls! Happy July!

How’s your year been so far? We are officially on the down-hill trek toward the more fun part of the year, and I can’t wait! I’m not a Summer girl at all, and am excited to be getting closer to colder weather! =D

I’ve been working on several projects, and don’t have any new updates at the moment, but wanted to post an update for y’all.

What are you reading at the moment? Having a good Summer, if you’re on my side of the country? Good Winter for those on the other side of the globe?

Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you guys! =D

Stay cool/warm out there peeps!

Ciao for now,


What I’m Working on Right Now

Hiya guys and dolls! How is May treating you? Where I’m at, it’s hot hot hot!

I wanted to post a quick update about for you guys, and see how you’re all doing. I’m still working on the sci-fi novel, and the other young adult paranormal action novel (which may end up being a series, we shall see). I didn’t get to write at all this past week, but hope to get in some good writing times next week. We’re working on our schedule at home to make more time and keep everything moving smoothly, but there’s always a challenge, haha.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing fantastic! What are you reading at the moment?

Thanks for visiting!

Ciao for now,



May Update

Hiya guys & dolls! Time again for another beginning of the month update – difficult to believe it’s already May!

hello wave cute purple.gif

So last month I was kinda doing Camp NaNo. I did several good writing spurts, but honestly, I put a lot of effort and energy into doing a series on my personal blog, where I wrote a post for 28 days in April, leading up to my birthday. Not necessarily author writing on my books, but good, fun writing none the less.

happy dance full house cute.gif

I ended up writing on both the novels I’m working on currently, and made awesome progress on both!! I’m super excited to be writing two novels at once, and my creative side is just on cloud nine.

excited boxer shake.gif

Another big update, is I want to focus more on my books and my author biz. I’m going to be starting my newsletter up, and actually using it. There, I’ll share a couple updates a month with exclusive news and info, excerpts of the things I’m working on, voting for covers, giveaways, and early release news. If you’re not already signed up, please join! If you’re already signed up, thank you! I’m hoping to have a fun little community of supporters through the newsletter, where I can really have a bunch of fun with you guys.

grass girl dancing.gif

Anywho, more fun stuff coming up! Thanks for visiting! Keep creating, & have a fantastic day!

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Slight Change of Plans…

Hiya peeps! How’s your first week of April going? Mine has been pretty good so far, luckily. *prays* *throws salt over shoulder* *knocks on wood*

So, I started off my April writing challenge by working more on that sci-fi adventure I started for NaNoWriMo last year, and realized that was part of my problem. I’ve hit so many walls with that novel so far, it’s killing my writing passion.

Sci-fi is a completely new genre for me to write in, and while it’s fun in spurts, I can’t do a whole novel start to end. I’m going to continue to work on it when I get the buzz to, but in the meantime, I’ve started a new novel to focus most of my time on.

In the first day of writing I got more than 5K words down for it, which is a much better rate of progress. It’s a story I’m actually comfortable with, and the story can flow far easier for me. If it’s smooth for me to write, theoretically, it’ll be smooth for you to read.

So, while I’m not sticking with the novel I started on this month, I am still writing. Doing another sprint today, and planning on more this weekend. Whoot!

Excited to be able to tell you guys more about it, but that will come in later posts. Stay tuned! 😀

Thanks guys! Much love ~ Ciao for now!


April Update

Hiya guys & dolls! How have you been?

I’ve been massively out of touch with my writing and author accounts lately, and honestly, I hate it. I’ve been putting a lot of focus on other areas, because I thought they were more important than they actually are. Long story short: I’m rearranging my priorities.

April is going to be a little bit of a fresh start, with things refocused. I’m a big believer in keeping oneself healthy, and being honest with what one needs to be happy. I thought I was happy with my priority arrangement, and the last month has been a rather harsh awakening.

I’m ultimately glad for it though, and am going to be soooo much happier. I need to write, and that should be where my focus is. I miss it, I haven’t written much of anything in almost two months, and I’m legit depressed from it. A writer’s gotta write, right?

So, while I’m not officially participating in Camp Na-No-Wri-Mo this month, I’m going to be doing my best to make April a bit of a writing challenge month, to get me back in to the mindset of writing, and help make it a priority for my time management habits.

Fingers crossed it’s a success – my internal health needs it desperately.

Good vibes & prayers welcome!

Hope you’re having a fantastic year so far, and hopefully not getting pranked too badly today. (This post isn’t a joke or anything, in case you’re wondering.)

Thank’s y’all!


Hiya peeps! Hope your November is starting off awesome! I’m excited to share an update with you guys, cuz of course, I’m doing #NaNoWriMo 2017!!

I’ve actually come up with a possible title and synopsis already, although I’m not going to share those until I’ve got more of the book written, and know they will be fairly solid.

What I do have, is nearly 10K written so far! Whoop whoop!

It’s shaping up to be a sci-fi adventure, which is a completely new genre for me, writing wise. I love to read them, but this should be an interesting experience, writing one. The flow so far is fantastic, and I’m loving where it’s headed so far.

I hope you’ll keep up with my writing adventure this month, and see if I can finish this bad boy! If I get my editor to finish it quickly enough, I may have another 2017 release.