First Post – Whoot! =D

Hiya everyone!

shy wave audrey hepburn.gif

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!  If you aren’t sure who I am, well, I can’t blame you!  I’m a small fry from America, hammering out my little corner of the internet.  I’ve got a bunch of blogs and little companies, and while I am known as Rose Wallin elsewhere, I’m going by “Roze” in the writing/author world.  Gotta be different, right 😉

This particular blog will be dedicated to God, and focused on my author/writing pursuits.  I’ll be blogging about my experiences writing and becoming/being an author, as well as updates for books and works I’ve published.  Hopefully there will be a lot of posts!  #FingersCrossed

If you’d like to follow my blog, I’d be honored!  And if you’d like to connect with me around the web, please feel free to check out my page, and see where all I can be found.

If you’d like to check out what else I have going on, besides my authorial dream, I can be found running Desert Rose Lifestyles and all it’s various off-shoots, as well as Desert Rose Reviews and Fluttering Rose Petals.

I’m excited to get started!  This is a long time coming, my becoming an author, and I’m so psyched! xD

Thanks for reading – you’re amazing!

~Roze Wallin

Author, Writer, Blogger, Silly Goofball


I love to hear what other people think! Please leave your thoughts below. Thanks! =D

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