When Do You Stop Being A “Newbie” Author?

Hiya peeps! Hope you’re having an awesome week so far!

I had a random question drop in my lap this afternoon, and I have no answer! So, I thought “Hey, blog topic opportunity!” Why not?

In your opinion, when does an author stop being a “newbie” in the community?

After a certain amount of time? A year? Two? Six?

After a certain number of publications? How many?

Once they’ve received a negative review?

Once they’ve had _____ happen?

Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you think, since everyone seems to have a different opinion!



8 thoughts on “When Do You Stop Being A “Newbie” Author?

  1. I’m a newbie writer and I’d love to know the answer to this! I’d say once a finished piece of writing has been published or entered into a competition or otherwise put out into the open forum and the writer has moved on to the next idea. Lyndsey x

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  2. I would say when you have an good understanding of the craft of writing as well as know your own writing style and voice. You might not even be published, but that doesn’t mean you’re still a newbie to writing. Yes, you’d be a newbie to PUBLISHING, but not to writing. If you can turn and help another writer with an issue of their writing, you might not be a newbie anymore. Sure, there are people out there who think they know all these is to know about writing and they want to give EVERYONE advice, but…that’s not what I’m talking about.

    You need to have confidence in your own writing, knowledge of the craft of writing, and years of practice behind you.

    That’s my opinion, at least. Of course, even though we’re not newbies anymore, we should always strive to continue learning more about writing.

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    • Awesome way to look at it! I agree – you don’t have to be published. I see so many things around the web though, where people are trying to promote and help out “newbie” authors, and made me wonder when a writer graduates from newbie to non-newbie, haha.

      Thanks for visiting, and for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


  3. I, by any means am more than an aspiring author, but my measure has always been when you have either valid advice to give or have a following that cannot wait for your next piece of work. Time means nothing without gaining the wisdom. But that is just my $.02.

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  4. Great question! A year ago I would have said someone who hadn’t published or had only published one thing. But now that I’ve done that and I still super feel like a newbie I’d say something more like anyone who doesn’t have a range of other stuff to offer. Anyone with only one or two other books in their read more section is still a newbie too. I’d also say there is a difference between a newbie and a …tinybie? Because someone who has one major press publication with tons of reviews and backing is different from someone who indie publishes is different from someone who self publishes. You could be a bigbie newbie and would have a different experience.

    This might all be a lot of the tendency to self normalize so I think I’m the norm and forget or can’t see the far edges of things. The self published author who sold one book to mom is different from an author bringing in hundreds of thousands. And I certainly can’t see the far end but I can still see the one book author from there I am so I feel like I relate more there. Which I do because you know two books sometimes 🙂

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    • Awesome reply! I totally agree – it seems like the lines are always changing, especially when you’re actually traveling the path yourself. There’s so much variety in the writing community now, it’s wonderful!

      Thanks for visiting, and for sharing your thoughts! 😀

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