Maybe in July?

Hiya guys!
So, in my last post I was super excited about starting Camp NaNoWriMo…
Ten days later, and I haven’t written anther word since that first day.
The luck in my schedule seems to go in waves, and at the moment, I just don’t have any lucky mojo going. Between other projects popping up taking time I don’t have to spare, and some family issues that have to be resolved this month (of course) I doubt I’ll improve my word count much beyond today.
I’m so bummed!!!
Maybe I’ll get to do the one in July?

2 thoughts on “Maybe in July?

  1. I feel you. I always get pumped up for NaNoWriMo only to realize few days later that I’m not writing at all and have no intention to do so. So I just say “meh, maybe next NaNo…”
    I would say that I’m guilty, but honestly I am not.. 😀


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