Whatchya Writing?

Hiya guys! Hope your week is starting out well. =)

I’m getting back in my writing groove, and working on my current manuscript (name to come…eventually lol). It feels so good to be writing again though!

It got me wondering, since it’s the Summer shift in writing schedules, what are you writing? Are you finishing a book, starting one, working on the middle meat of one? I’m curious!

Plus, I want to connect with other authors more, so let me know what you’re working on! Comment below, and be sure to have a fantastic day/week/month! =D


4 thoughts on “Whatchya Writing?

  1. I’m writing critiques, blog posts, and discussion responses for my grad school classes.
    Yesterday I was able to do a little creative writing on my phone while I was waiting to pick my son up. It is a short story I’ve been mulling over for a month or so. It is about a boy with autism. The narrator’s voice is distinct and it breaks the fourth wall. I’m super excited about it and secretly worried that I won’t be able to do the idea justice.

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    • Wow, that sounds like an epic foundation! I’d have the same worry – that is a wonderful topic to write on, and it sounds like you’re coming at it with a great angle. I’m sure it will be wonderful! 😀

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