Friday Update!

Hiya guys! TGIF!! =D

This week has been a rough one, and I’m glad for the weekend! Hopefully it’ll be a good one. *crosses fingers*

I didn’t get much added to my current manuscript, but really, that’s probably a good thing. All the more to work on for Camp NaNo! =D

I’m finding the need to focus on some happy things this weekend, and try to have some fun. This month (at least for me) has been quite stressful, and I need a break!

What are your favorite ways to relax after a stressful week? Especially when you’re saving for a big purchase and have basically no fun-money? Lol!

Let me know your favorite ways to relax, and even better, what are you up to this weekend? =D

Camp NaNoWriMo?

Hiya peeps! Happy Saturday! Hopefully you’re having a wonderful weekend so far. =)

So, how many of you have heard of Camp NaNoWriMo? I hadn’t until last November, with the better known NaNoWriMo competition. Apparently, the same group also hosts writing events in April and July, known as Camp NaNo! Being a fan of this type of event/group, I’m joining in this year.

It’s basically the same thing as the November competition except you can set your own word count! They have it set as “anywhere from 30 to 999,999 words, hours, lines, or pages” for each writer. So if you don’t want to write something as long as 50K words, you can set it shorter. If you want something longer, you can set the goal as high as you want, and write to your heart’s content!

It’s also cool, because they place you in “tents” with several other writers, and it forms a kind of short-term writers group! It’s a neat idea, and it seems like it’ll be fun.

Check it out – registration is still open, and it starts in April! If you want to do it in a few months, you can participate in the July event, with all the same perks!

I’m going to be working on the book I already started, and not actually enter it at the end, since it was started before hand. I’ve found though, that the short-term goals provided in the competition setting really help me focus, and get a book pumped out quicker.

So, I’m still working on that one I mentioned in my last post, and can’t wait to see how it turns out! Hopefully I’ll actually be able to get it done. O.O

Wish me luck, and if you join in for Camp NaNo, let me know in the comments below! =D

When Do You Stop Being A “Newbie” Author?

Hiya peeps! Hope you’re having an awesome week so far!

I had a random question drop in my lap this afternoon, and I have no answer! So, I thought “Hey, blog topic opportunity!” Why not?

In your opinion, when does an author stop being a “newbie” in the community?

After a certain amount of time? A year? Two? Six?

After a certain number of publications? How many?

Once they’ve received a negative review?

Once they’ve had _____ happen?

Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you think, since everyone seems to have a different opinion!


Newbie Author Needs Advice!

Hiya guys & dolls, hope your weekend is starting out great!

If you saw my last post, you’ll know I’m getting back into reading this year. I missed reading last year as I focused on writing my own books, and I want to balance to two sides of book love this year.

What comes with reading though, is reviewing, because that’s just part of me. As I get back into reading, my reviewing will automatically kick back up.

Something I’ve been trying to figure out the past few weeks though, is how to post reviews. I made separate accounts for my author business, since I’m technically writing under a pen name (Roze instead of Rose). What I’m finding though, is it’s difficult to be active on sites like Goodreads with book activity on my author account, since everything I read is already being put as activity for my previous reviewer account.

I know I’m not the only reviewer-turned-author out there, and I know it’s nearly impossible for reviewers like us to stop reviewing once we merge into the author side. What do we do?

Basically, I’m curious of how other authors have handled this situation. Did you keep your reviewer stuff going on it’s own, or did you blend it in with your author stuff? When you post a review for a book now, do you post it as a reviewer/blogger, or as an author? Did you start separate profiles and whatnot, for your author business (on Goodreads, Amazon, social media, etc.).

I’d love to hear how you handle your reviews, or if you know authors who review books, how do they post them?

Leave a comment below, so I can figure out what to do this year! =D

Writing & the Holidays

Hiya guys! Happy December!

For those of you who celebrate the Holiday season this month, you’ll know how difficult it is to fit things like writing or creating in with all the hoopla. In our house, the Christmas season is our favorite time of year, and we love getting into all the fun traditions!

So, because of that, I haven’t been writing much. I have made some progress though, which is more than I thought I’d do!

From my 30+ story ideas waiting to be written, I’ve narrowed down what I want to write to two ideas! Once things settle down a bit, all I have to do is pick one of those two, and get to work!

I’m looking forward to writing again, and I do miss it. The break is worth it, and is probably good for me to take a step back.

Come January, I’ll be a writing machine! =D

I hope you are all having a fantastic month, and ending the year on a fantastic note!


NaNoWriMo 2016!!

Hiya guys & dolls, Happy November!! =D

I’m soooo glad it’s finally here! November rocks anyway – it’s one of my favorite months. Since starting a serious writing career, NaNoWriMo has made it even better!

That’s not to say only serious writers do the writing competition, but for me, that’s what it is – a way to challenge myself as a serious writer. I’m sure you knew that though, so I digress.

Obviously, I am participating this year. I’m looking forward to writing something new, now that the Swirling Secrets Trilogy is finished.

I have no idea what will come out of me this month, but I’m excited to find out!

At the moment, I’m planning on this novel being a stand-alone, and maybe comedy of some sort. I’m not sure quite yet – writing off-the-cuff is a challenge in that area, no knowing how to describe it or explain it. Still, it’s the most fun for me, so booya!

Anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo this year? What are you writing?

Feel free to add me as a writing buddy on the website:

Good luck to everyone participating!

Ciao for now,