Swirling Secrets Trilogy!

Truth be told, I have many, many novels and series I’m working on, and I can’t wait to share them all!

The first series I’m releasing, however, is Swirling Secrets.

 Swirling Secrets Trilogy

Swirling Secrets is a Young Adult Paranormal trilogy, best for fans of adventure, self-discovery, and humor. These characters are sassy, goofy, and will undoubtedly remind you of people in your life.

Come meet them!

Desi Pere

Swirling Secrets, #1

 Desi Pere

~Released: February 1st, 2016

Magnhild, is a freak. From her name, right down to the naturally bizarre visage she can’t seem to get rid of- she’s an odd duck. 

Her life has taken a swirling plunge into the drain the past few months, but it’s nothing compared to what’s coming. All she wants is to finish school, and start over somewhere fun. Fate, has other plans. 

Enter the Desi Pere underground organization, and three of it’s loyal members: They’ve enlisted Magnhild’s cooperation, whether she likes it or not. They mean to exploit her superhuman gifts, ones she didn’t think anyone knew about. Overnight, she’s dragged into a world, and a war, the normal world doesn’t even know exist. The bait: reuniting her with her mother, who’s supposed to be dead. 

Danger, confusion, deception, and self-loathing fog each decision Magnhild faces. She desperately hopes to find her mother, and bring meaning to her past of abuse and isolation. 

Will she see through the web society has spun around her, or fall captive to century-old lies? In her search for the truth, she discovers she cannot find what she seeks, without first becoming herself, accepting her inner strength, and embracing her bizarre life…

Praise for Desi Pere

“Very poignant and a page turner!!”
~Amazon Reviewer
“I definitely recommend for fans of young adult paranormal.”
“Entertaining, quirky, creative, and adventurous – this book is a lot of fun.”
“Roze Wallin brought her fresh perspective and engaging writing style to bear in a compelling storyline that was a fast, page-turning read. I am awaiting the next book in this series with much anticipation.”
 ~Amazon Reviewer

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Sospi Tare

Swirling Secrets, #2

 Sospi Tare

~Released: June 2nd, 2016 

Magnhild, is still a freak.

It’s much easier to be a freak, however, if you are able to be confident in who you are. Magnhild has found the path to confidence and finding herself, with the help of her friends.

While the Sospi Tare are persistently attacked, Magnhild struggles to find her strength, and keep her new family safe.

Some questions are answered, while shadows grow darker, and more secrets arise.

Will she learn to harness her powers in time, or will she fall prey to her past, and the Desi Pere?

Praise for Sospi Tare

“The story flows on and keeps the reader interested. I eagerly await the next book!”
~Amazon Reviewer

Please be sure to add this book to you TBR shelves/lists!

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The third book in the series, Prae Lium, is still under construction. I hope to have it finished and released October 3rd, 2016! I can’t wait to share it with you!

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, concerns, or anything you’d like me to know, please feel free to shoot me an email!

Thanks a ton for your interest! =D