“Prae Lium” is LIVE!!

I’m so excited today, guys! It’s live, worldwide!

Amazon rocks, doesn’t it? =D

I’ll be sharing another surprise with you guys later tonight or tomorrow, which I’m equally excited about!

For now though, I’m marveling in the fact I’ve got a whole trilogy published, out in the world. Happy Monday, y’all 😉


It’s In Review!!

Hiya guys, happy Saturday!!

I’m so excited today, because I finished the cover design for Prae Lium! It’s just about ready to publish!

I also submitted it for review in CreateSpace (publisher for Amazon, for paperback copies), so once it’s approved, I can order a proof copy!

If it’s all lookin’ good, I can set the release date for October 3rd!! Booya!! So excited!!

I’ll let you guys know if it’s approved, and when I order a proof copy!

Ciao for now,


TGIF Peeps!

Hiya guys!! It’s finally Friday – whoot!! It’s so nice being on a Monday – Friday schedule now. Fridays actually mean something, and I can be excited for the weekend – whoot!

What are you guys doing this weekend? Anything fun planned? If not, be sure to fit some fun in there! =D

This week has been so emotional! I spent a few days fighting off a flu bug, which made me feel behind, and overwhelmed. There is so much to do right now, and I always seem to get sick right when I need to not be sick. Probably because I work myself too hard for too long, and by the time the final rush hits, I’m down! haha Oh well.

Anyway, I got over it enough to get back to work, and have finished up everything I hoped to do this week!

Mainly, getting Prae Lium up on Amazon, available for pre-order!!

I’m so excited, and having it on Amazon is the other half of what’s so emotional. Come October 3rd, I will have published an entire trilogy, in one year. Having a trilogy published is such a “wow” moment on it’s own, but then realizing I’ve done it all in one year, kind of blows my mind.

Like, “did I really do that? How?”

I’m so stoked though, because now that that’s out, I can focus on marketing it. And really, I can focus on starting some of my other projects! I’m so excited to get going on my other books.

I hope you’ll keep following me on this journey, and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to pick up a copy of Prae Lium on Amazon! If you haven’t read the first or second books yet, you can pick up copies of those as well, and get all caught up on this adventure!

Thanks a ton – you guys rock!

Ciao for now,


Off to the Editor!

Oh my gosh you guys, I’m so stoked!! I finished writing “Prae Lium” tonight!!!

It isn’t as long as I wanted, but the story is finished, and that’s what matters. It’s long enough to make me happy – more than 50k words, split into 20 chapters.

I can definitely live with that!

It’s ready to go to the editor!! I’m so lucky that is Ken, because he is stupid quick, and will have this baby edited and ready for the final read-through this weekend!!

Publishing this thing October 3rd, if God keeps blessing it this way!


Ciao for now, I’m off to celebrate!


“Prae Lium” is a Novel!

Hiya guys! Hope you’re all doing well. Whatchya up to this weekend?

I’ve been writing my butt off this past week – having the guys work a steady schedule has helped a ton, and I’ve gotten into a good rhythm! I’ve been writing most of today, which has been awesome. I wanted to write a quick update though, since I’ve hit a good spot to take a break.

After all the drama circling book three in the Swirling Secrets series, Prae Lium is finally at 40k words!

From everything I can see, 40k> is considered a novel. Some places, like NaNoWriMo, require more, and others require less, but most seem to agree on 40.

I figure this book will be somewhere around 55-60k or so, when I’m finished. Should end up around 22-23 chapter or so, roughly 200 pages I think, depending on the format.

I’m hoping to have it finished next week sometime – whoot!

I’m still shooting for an October 3rd release date, and will be sharing more about that in the next few weeks.

So excited! =D

If you haven’t read Sospi Tare yet, you’ve still got a few weeks!  😉

Wish me luck, and have a fantastic weekend!

Ciao for now,


Hit An Even Bigger Snag

Hiya guys! Have another update for ya. The drama that seems to be circling my attempt to finish Prae Lium continues!

I realized last night, that the writing program I use had an auto update a couple days ago. In that update, several glitches occurred. Including, but not limited to, the entire middle of P.L. getting erased, with no record of it on the computer.

I wasn’t backing up my books yet – I am now.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper yesterday.

To make matters worse, I hadn’t written anything in nearly 3 weeks, and couldn’t remember the details of the chapters that were lost. At least, not well enough to re-write them and have it all flow the same way.

So! I have now cut out the entire book after the first part, and am simply starting over. I have up to what was lost in the update, and that’s it. But, it’s better than nothing, right? At least I don’t have to re-write the beginning, haha.

No idea if the story will progress down the same path as it did last time, but it’ll be interesting to see!

Everything happens for a reason, right? Maybe I’ll write a better book this time around, who knows!

Choosing to stay positive, and just go with it. No point in crying over spilled milk. It’s a lot of work down the drain, but these things happen.

Anyway, my plan to cut and stitch the three books together is on the back burner, and may not happen at all if I am able to write enough this time around. We shall see.

Wish me luck! =D

Ciao for now!


Hit A Snag

Hiya guys! Have an update for ya today.

I’ve been working on the third book in the Swirling Secrets Series, Prae Lium. I’ve been having so much fun creating the ending to this story! So fun in fact, that I ended up writing the ending.

Why is that a snag? Because the book is 9 chapters…25,000 or so words. My goal was 80,000.


It’s going to drive me nuts to have one book so much shorter than the rest, so I just can’t be finished with it like that.

I also don’t want to just add random events and nonsense that doesn’t actually fit or add to the story. It’s horribly obvious to me when authors do this, and it drives me nuts, so I’d be a bit hypocritical if I did the same thing. Plus, I just don’t want to.

So, how do I fix this little snag?

With some cutting and stitching, I think.

See, the first book in the series, Desi Pere, is 43 chapters long. 43!! It’s nearly 100,000 words. Ridiculous, right?

Since it was the first book I was going to publish, and kind of my test project, I left it that long, knowing it would be a series.

Knowing, slightly, that this very issue may come up. So really, this is like my back-up plan.

But I digress.

The second book in the series, Sospi Tare, is only 25 chapters. Around 65,000 words or so.

Basically, I could put the second and third books together, and have a shorter length as the first one alone. That is driving me nuts.

I don’t really want two long-ass books. I want this to be a trilogy. That’s how I set it up, that’s how I want it, that’s how it’s going to be, one way or another.

SO! I’m going to spend the rest of this week cutting up the first two books, and stitching all three together. Hopefully they will even out to all be around the same length.

If not, I’ll come up with something else to fix this snag, but for the moment, I’m hoping I can get this win-win to work, because really, the first book is a bit long to begin with, and needs to be cut down a bit.

Wish me luck peeps!!

Ciao for now,