New Year…Now What?

Hiya guys! Hope your year is starting out well. Can you believe it’s 2017? Most people simply seem to be glad 2016 is over, but it wasn’t bad for me. So really, this year will be a regular year, no special “we made it” feeling.

I’ve spent the past week pondering this year, and last. It’s a ritual I do each time a new year begins – I analyze where I’m at now, versus where I was the previous year, five years, ten years, etc. It helps me grow, and figure out where I’m going from here.

Each year, it seems as though I get further from achieving goals I set, and yet, I set more goals. It’s all part of the process of life, I suppose, but it’s sometimes frustrating this time of year, with so many people talking about goal setting and resolutions.

This year, though, I’m going to do something different. I’m not going to make a resolution list, because really, I never stick to them. I want to, but it never happens. Best laid plans, and all that.

What I will do, though, is admit to some goals I am going to put more effort into making happen, while also admitting they may not, and that’s alright.

So, this is my “I’m working on it” list for 2017, as it pertains to the book world, and this blog.

1) I miss reading. I want to read more. In years when my reading game is strong, I’ve read in excess of 500 books. When it’s a poor reading year, I’m lucky to read one. Since I have no idea of whether this year will allow much spare time for reading, I’m going to set what seems to be a realistic idea for a goal. One book a week, with an overall hope of reading 50 books this year. Fingers crossed!

2) Picking up my YouTube channel for this blog. I need to get back into it, and keep it going.

3) Get back into blogging more, and get better at it. I’ve already committed to my review blog again, and decided to stick with it. That being decided, I need to work on some things to make it pop. Going to be working on that.

4) Connect with more readers. I used to have a good set of bookish friends. Granted, Shelfari going down early last year is a major part of those connections dwindling, but still. Not a good enough reason. I want to make more connections again, and be more active in the book community in general.

Four areas to work on, and each seems realistic. We’ll see how it goes!

What are some of the goals you have for this year? Are you setting any resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!

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NaNoWriMo 2016!!

Hiya guys & dolls, Happy November!! =D

I’m soooo glad it’s finally here! November rocks anyway – it’s one of my favorite months. Since starting a serious writing career, NaNoWriMo has made it even better!

That’s not to say only serious writers do the writing competition, but for me, that’s what it is – a way to challenge myself as a serious writer. I’m sure you knew that though, so I digress.

Obviously, I am participating this year. I’m looking forward to writing something new, now that the Swirling Secrets Trilogy is finished.

I have no idea what will come out of me this month, but I’m excited to find out!

At the moment, I’m planning on this novel being a stand-alone, and maybe comedy of some sort. I’m not sure quite yet – writing off-the-cuff is a challenge in that area, no knowing how to describe it or explain it. Still, it’s the most fun for me, so booya!

Anyone else participating in NaNoWriMo this year? What are you writing?

Feel free to add me as a writing buddy on the website:

Good luck to everyone participating!

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I’ve Been A Little Quite Lately…

Hiya guys! Roze here, with a Friday update. Happy Halloween Weekend! =D

I haven’t put up a post in several weeks, which is terrible.

I’ve been pursuing some new hobbies, and it has taken up quite a bit of my time. Those are going well, and I will have updates on that sometime soon – still tweaking everything, so it’s not quite ready to share yet. I’m so excited about it though, and it’s been so much fun! Such wonderful learning opportunities.

Past that, this past week, I have been down with the flu. I’ve barely been able to stay awake, and can’t even really walk around my house without getting nauseous and dizzy. Not fun!

I’ve taken a week of bed-rest to recover, which goes against my normal habits and personality completely. But, I want to be over this stupid bug before NaNoWriMo, so it’s worth it. Hopefully.

Anyway, Prae Lium is doing well so far, so that’s awesome!! The whole trilogy is doing well, really. I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who’s read any of the three books – you rock!

Anyway, not much else to update, yet. I’ll be posting again soon, with some fun updates, so be sure to watch out for those! =D

The Perfect Song

Hiya guys, Happy Saturday! =D

So, I was writing yesterday, and as always, had music blasting. I’m one of those people that loves having music on while I do just about everything. I can write without it, but I write a whole lot better and quicker with music. Especially heavier music.

Anyway, I was writing, doing my thing, my series playlist blaring. I created a series playlist just for Swirling Secrets on Spotify (feel free to follow it, this mix is epic!), and it’s got over 200 songs. I always have it on shuffle play, so the mix is always different.

One of the songs that came on, is one I love writing to, but admittedly, haven’t listened to the lyrics all that closely. For what ever reason, I did this time. What I found is, this song is perfect for this series! If I had to pick one song to embody this story, that song was it.

Check these lyrics out, they are the main ones that fit this story so well:

We won’t fall to our knees
We are the one true hope
So give me an answer
Are you in or you out?
We are the one true hope
So give me an answer

We all fall, crawl out of the fear you’re in
Don’t give up
We won’t fall to our knees
We are the one true hope
So give me an answer whoa whoa
So give me an answer, now whoa whoa
Give me an answer

Stand up
You have a voice to be heard
You’re worth more than words
So let your fire burn
Oh, your flame will be lit
Again when a candle is burned at both ends
And there’s nothing left

You can change
You can become selfless
You’re not set in stone

You will wade through mistakes that we all make
But just hold on

Don’t fade away (hold on)

The song, is Hope by We Came As Romans. These lyrics are just amazing. They fit Magnhild and her struggles to find herself, and pick sides. They fit the overall conflict, on both sides. They fit the rest of humanity, caught in the crossfire between two secret superpowers. It’s just amazing! Wonderful on so many levels.

Now, this is a bit of a heavier song – it’s listed as metalcore, which is a mix of hardcore rock and metal. It may not be everyone’s taste, but if you’d like to hear this song, and really hear the spirit of this story, check it out. It really is perfect.

I’ll be posting more stuff like this, sharing behind-the-scenes looks and teasers about the series.

If you’d like to see specific posts, or have questions about the series, feel free to let me know in the comments, or shoot me an email! I may just make a blog post about it. 😉

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Hit An Even Bigger Snag

Hiya guys! Have another update for ya. The drama that seems to be circling my attempt to finish Prae Lium continues!

I realized last night, that the writing program I use had an auto update a couple days ago. In that update, several glitches occurred. Including, but not limited to, the entire middle of P.L. getting erased, with no record of it on the computer.

I wasn’t backing up my books yet – I am now.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper yesterday.

To make matters worse, I hadn’t written anything in nearly 3 weeks, and couldn’t remember the details of the chapters that were lost. At least, not well enough to re-write them and have it all flow the same way.

So! I have now cut out the entire book after the first part, and am simply starting over. I have up to what was lost in the update, and that’s it. But, it’s better than nothing, right? At least I don’t have to re-write the beginning, haha.

No idea if the story will progress down the same path as it did last time, but it’ll be interesting to see!

Everything happens for a reason, right? Maybe I’ll write a better book this time around, who knows!

Choosing to stay positive, and just go with it. No point in crying over spilled milk. It’s a lot of work down the drain, but these things happen.

Anyway, my plan to cut and stitch the three books together is on the back burner, and may not happen at all if I am able to write enough this time around. We shall see.

Wish me luck! =D

Ciao for now!


Cover & Title Reveal!!

Hiya guys!! How are  you? Hopefully awesome!

I’m totally stoked today, and while it’s probably jumping the gun a little, I can’t contain my excitement! I needed an art day, and decided to work on the cover for the third book in my Swirling Secrets trilogy.

While I only intended to work on it, I ended up basically finishing it completely!!

Not only that, I figured out the title, which up until that point, had eluded me.

I still don’t have a synopsis or length, because I haven’t gotten far into writing it yet. BUT, I’m going to share what I’ve got so far with you guys!

Check it out!!

Prae Lium

Swirling Secrets, #3

Swirling Secrets #2 is out!! Whoot!

Cue happy dance!

I’m so excited that it’s finally out, and to be honest, it’s all still a bit surreal to me. I’m still processing the fact I published the first book at all. O.O

(I take a while to process things lol)

At the moment, it’s available for Kindle on Amazon. I’m planning to have it available in print copy by the end of the month, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

I’m also adding it to Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords! Those will also be up by the end up by the end of the month.

Check it out!!

Sospi Tare

Swirling Secrets, #2

 Sospi Tare

~Released: June 2nd, 2016

~Length: 285 Pages

~Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Adventure

Magnhild, is still a freak.

It’s much easier to be a freak, however, if you are able to be confident in who you are. Magnhild has found the path to confidence and finding herself, with the help of her friends.

While the Sospi Tare are persistently attacked, Magnhild struggles to find her strength, and keep her new family safe.

Some questions are answered, while shadows grow darker, and more secrets arise.

Will she learn to harness her powers in time, or will she fall prey to her past, and the Desi Pere?

Be sure to add it to your list, and let me know what you think!

If you like it, tell your friends!! =D